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"Suddenly my bad credit didn't matter- AnyCreditUsedCars put me in touch with a bad credit car dealership within seconds, and I was approved."

-Tracy (Chicago, IL)

"After getting turned down again and again, I wasn't sure if there were bad credit car dealerships in Phoenix but I am now. Thanks, AnyCreditUsedCars!"

-Jim (Phoenix, AZ)

"Wow! I didn't think it would be this easy. I found a car I liked and was quickly approved despite a reposession. Thanks!"

-Mike (Chicago, IL)

"When other dealerships made me feel like it would be impossible to get an affordable vehicle with my bad credit, AnyCreditUsedCars came through and now I'm happy with my new car."

-Susan (Dallas, TX)

"With AnyCreditUsedCars it was very quick finding a dealership near me that worked with my bad credit. For a small downpayment I was able to get the car I wanted."

-John (Las Vegas, NV)


     Finance a car with bad credit quickly, in any situation!

Any Credit Used Cars is a completely free service that specializes in finding great deals on buy here pay here car lots, making the search for used cars with no credit or bad credit easy. We work with situations such as no car credit, repo, or bankruptcy, enabling bad credit loans with no cosigner. We will connect you with bad credit car dealerships and bad credit used car dealerships that will be able to find you a great deal with a low down payment on a quality used car. We won't stop working with you until you're driving!

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Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

Used Car For Sale: 2006 Kia Spectra (#8017)

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Used Car For Sale: 2006 Ford Taurus (#8016)

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Used Cars For Sale: 2002 Ford Taurus (#8015)

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Used Car For Sale: 2004 Pontiac Aztek (#8014)

bad credit car dealerships

Used Car For Sale: 2002 Ford F150 (#8013)

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Used Car For Sale: 2004 Dodge Ram (#8012)

bad credit car dealerships

Buy Here Pay Here: 1999 Dodge Ram (#8011)

buy here pay here dealerships

Buy Here Pay Here: 2000 Crysler Sebring (#8010)

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Car Credit: 2005 Chevrolet Impala (#8009)

bad credit car dealerships

Car Credit: 2004 Chevrolet Classic (#8008)

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Used Cars: 2004 Pontiac Grand Am (#8007)

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Used Cars: 2005 Chevrolet Aveo (#8006)

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Bad Credit OK: 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (#8005)

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Bad Credit OK: 2006 Chevrolet Impala LS (#8004)

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Used Car For Sale: 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser (#8003)

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Buy here pay here car lots

Our buy here pay here car lots change their inventory by the day. We have low downpayment buy here pay here cars available at great rates with great selection. There are used cars to choose from. All you need is a valid driver's license and proof of income. This income could include a job, or fixed income like social security or disability. If there are no buy here pay here lots that we partner with in your area, we also work with local finance companies that specialize in finding approval for used cars in bad credit and no credit situations.


Bad Credit Car Dealerships & Used Cars

Find bad credit used cars at our bad credit car dealerships

Bad credit car dealerships offer an easy way to get a used car with bad credit, despite being turned away by conventional dealerships. The process is easy and in many cases you are pre approved before ever setting foot on the lot. As long as you have income, and money for a down payment, you're approved for a bad credit used car from a dealer that doesn't need to seek outside financing.

For over 7 years, our focus has been finding bad credit car dealerships that will finance a used car, and making them quickly available. Whatever your need, we make it our mission to locate a quality selection of bad credit used cars with no credit needed or to get a used car loan with poor credit.

     In House Financing & Bad Credit Car Loans

Buyherepayhere cars are vehicles that are available with in house financing at the dealership. If you have any type of credit challenge such as a repossession, divorce, first time driver, or no credit and need a bad credit car loan, contact us today! Don't worry if you have had a repo in the past. Depending on where you live we have in house financing dealerships that can work with you even if you have had 3 or 4. Bad credit used car loans are available, provided you can show proof of income. If one of our direct dealership partners is located in your area, its also possible to find used cars for sale with no credit check.

Bad credit financing from used car dealerships or a finance company specializing in quick bad credit car loans is used to get approval on bad credit used cars. Bad credit auto loans are also available from any credit used car dealerships. If you are looking for a vehicle and your credit is holding you back, we have real solutions.

     Buy Here Pay Here Cars

Most dealerships that specialize in in house financing just want to make sure that you are able to afford the monthly payments on used cars that you are considering purchasing. If you have a job and need a car in most situations we can get you approved. We have programs starting at $500 down reasonable monthly payments and in a lot of cases the inventory is domestic cars from 2002 - 2011. Of course inventory is always changing, so fill out the form above and get approved today. We only work with bad credit car dealerships, finance companies and buy here pay here car lots that are willing to work with credit challenges and can get you driving fast. We are your complete buy here pay here solution!

Any credit used cars

It is difficult to locate car dealerships that can get you financed with a low down program. We know how it feels attempting to buy a used car from a dealership that doesn't have any solutions for you. Don't worry, we make it very simple to get approval before you visit the dealer. Just fill out our 1 minute application form to access our used car dealers networks, or call us to get advice even before you speak to the dealership.

By applying online you will know that you are preapproved and won't have to waste your time sitting around while the dealer runs his numbers, speaks to his manager runs you around in circles and finally tells you that you don't qualify because of your credit. We work specifically with in house financing dealers that will work with you when the conventional banks will not. It's a piece of cake! Fill out the information above and follow the instructions, it takes about 1 minute and the finance company or dealer will be in contact. Please contact us for more information or to tell us your horror story from the last dealership you visited. If you need any more information contact us by email or call us! We keep trying until you are driving!

Used Luxury Cars with Bad Credit

If you're in the market for a luxery car but thought you couldn't buy one with bad credit, we have some good news. We also work with luxury used car dealers to bring you the best used luxury vehicles and used luxury cars with bad credit, such as Lexus, Mercedes, BMW and more

You're Not In This Alone

The last few years have been incredibly rough on families all over the country, with many losing their homes, cars, and life savings in the brutal economy we were all forced to endure. There are signs that we are starting to come out of that, but many of those families have the bad credit cloud hanging over their heads. This can become a major problem when it comes time to go shopping for a quality used car. Major dealerships have simply got in the habit of turning people away, even when they can prove that they are now making more than enough to cover the monthly payments of a used car.

Itís not everyone that operates that way, though, which is why you have to look at buy here pay here car lots when shopping for a used car. These types of lots are accustomed to dealing with folks who have bad credit, and are more than happy to help you get behind the wheel of the car of your choosing. The basic premise of buy here pay here car lots is that you finance with them and make your payments directly to them, rather than going through some third party bank of financing firm that is looking to use your credit history against you to line their own pockets with more money.

Buy here pay here car lots are everywhere, but you may not necessarily know that they exist. Most folks simply head to the big name car dealership when it comes time to buy, usually jumping from place to place until they finally find somewhere that will finance their purchase, saddled of course with a huge interest number. The easiest way to find buy here pay here car lots is to use a website like All you have to do is submit a few simple details and they will hook you up with a buy here pay here car lot in your area.

Once you have submitted your information, they will start searching their network of dealers to find you a car that matches exactly what you need. Buy here pay here car lots have new inventory arriving every day, which means that the car that you wanted that wasnít available today may very well be yours to go pick up tomorrow. Thatís not always the case with big dealerships that will take a shipment of cars and wonít bring anything else in until that stock has been depleted. Perhaps the best thing about buy here pay here car lots, besides the fact that they will deal with bad credit customers, is that you can get into a quality used car for a very small down payment. Itís not uncommon to put as little as $500 down and still be able to drive of the lot with the used car that you want. Having bad credit doesnít mean that you have to wallow in it for years and be left driving a heap of junk until the big dealerships will take your business again. Check out buy here pay here car lots and get back on the road again, ASAP. We make it easy to buy a used car with bad credit.

     Bad Credit Car Dealers Blog

Bad Credit Cars That Are Cheap And Practical
Because of the higher interest rates that result from wavering or non existent credit, it pays to be realistic about the type of bad credit car you intend on purchasing, and to look at this situation from a practical point of view when narrowing down your list of desired vehicles.

Fortunately, even with these restrictions, there are some decent and cheap bad credit cars and used cars on our buy here pay here dealerships in the $15000 or lower range including the Kia Soul, Chevrolet Sonic, Nissan Versa and other.. [more]

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